Toilet Humor and Dick Jokes

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As a moderately overweight, 30-something, male programmer, I've got problems. But my problems aren't a whole lot different than most guys' problems (I'm assuming). Nobody really talks about them, though, since bodily functions are often considered taboo and relegated to racy, raunchy, or gross and mildly offensive comedy.

Toilet Humor and Dick Jokes is pretty much what it says on the tin. It relays to you various stories about my own bodily functions, often dealing with toilets and/or my dick (and sometimes other parts). These comics are meant to shed some light on touchy Men's Issues in a fun and light hearted style.

That's not to say these comics are family friendly. I mean... there's a lot of dicks. It's in the title. And I don't know that I'd show my mom. But my girlfriend thinks they're funny, so that's something.


P.S. It's important to note that while the protagonist and his... parts... are based on myself, none of the other characters are based on real people. Any likeness to any person (living or dead) is probably a coincidence unless it's not.

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